Joan and Emma can Pau Bernadó


Emma studied technical architecture specialty construction land and a master's degree in sustainable development and environmental engineering. In recent years it has turned to self-knowledge across different disciplines. She practices yoga regularly and is beginning to play the accordion.


John has a degree in environmental science and tasks farmhouse combines the teaching of biology and geology at secondary schools. A few years ago very slowly learning to play the flute and drum.


Our paths crossed in 2006 in the middle of Breda's Plaza Arenys de Munt. There, rhythms and Salseta Poble Sec begins a knowledge that lasts until today. A few months later randomly offers us the possibility of living as farmers Can Paul Bernado so, during the feast of the three rounds of 2007 we became part of the history of this house of uncertain origin ( s.XVIII-XIX c). Since then, the couple are caretakers Can Paul Bernado. We have learned to live together in difference, respect and tolerance, sincerity, resilience and especially loves love and friendship. The privileged we enjoy among rials of Albes and Pasqual makes us feel alive and rooted in this part of the world we happen to live, enjoy, love and care work. From the moment we are responsible for this part of the world and little by little we know their strengths and uniqueness.


In parallel to this settlement, we have always felt the need to share with friends, acquaintances and relatives all around this and so in 2010 we created the association Think wine that aims to raise awareness of the natural, historical and promoting their cultural esteem to promote a reunion between people and the environment around us learning to make a profit in a sustainable and promoting local economic development taking as backbones vine and wine.


Finally in 2012 after years of planting white kidney beans, onions and garden, we decided to focus solely on the vineyard and the winery activate Talcomraja.


Currently legislation for reasons we could not replant vines Can Paul Bernado and work two hectares of vineyards, one in Mataro (Sant Martí de Mata) and the other to St. Cyprian (Can Vallfogona).