The vineyard Mata (Mataro)

This vineyard merlot and some syrah is located at the foot of the hermitage of Sant Martí de Mata and belongs to the estate of Can Flaquer. Three hundred meters and a distance Exposed to the winds this vineyard was planted fifteen years ago. Today it opens and hardly ever been paid from his plantation. This provides the productivity is very low stocks offering high-quality grapes. The vineyard is well known by athletes Mata Mataro and Sant Andreu de Llavaneres because every day hundreds of people sail the island between the vines and woods around enjoying exceptional views of our sea, city or Mataro Burriac Castle and the Sierra Corridor. If you go there, it is recommended that the walk down from the Fondo de Can Flaquer to the entrance to kill brook San Simon. Maresme purely enjoy a landscape of exceptional beauty.

The Vallalta vineyards of Sant Cebrià

This vineyard belongs to the estate of Can Vallfogona. Located in the district of San Cipriano de Vallalta, this vineyard cabernet and merlot formed by four terraces with a difference of over 100 meters between the lowest and the top. The Vallalta is a small valley that forms part of the basin of the creek located between Sant Pol Montnegre and its foothills. This place offers a more humid microclimate and lush than the rest of the region. The lower terraces near the creek are the most vulnerable, but higher from where you can also see the sea, are a good aeration and sunshine.

The Can Pau Bernadó vineyards

This is the girl. It consists of four micro plots. At first we wanted to replant the old vines of this estate (1 ha.) But only for reasons of legislation we have planted a vineyard considered subsistence. This vine, because it provides grapes for the winery Talcomraja, but it helps us when we have visits to explain how we work. This vine varieties are Cabernet, Grenache, and direct ulldellebre (oldest variety and proscribed). If you walk there early in the morning or last light of the day enjoy the majestic presence of a group of deer that live many years between vineyards and woods Can Pau.