We believe and apply the concept of sustainability in all our tasks. We believe that the resources should be renewable generation after generation. So we encourage manual labor and the use of livestock in managing our vineyards to minimize the use of fossil fuels. Not Arad, use natural fertilizers and green manure and above all, believe in the human capacity to work and produce from the land where you can have a family. Thus, work two hectares of vineyard with a ceiling of three, as we believe this is the maximum area that can absorb a hold of our features.


We seek a balance in our stocks and we believe essential to promote life in all its fullness. In our vineyards are not only stocks, but all the herbaceous vegetation to grow naturally as this provides shelter and food for predators fungi and / or insects harmful to them. In the evening you will see flying bats, swallows and swifts, all kinds of reptiles, insects, mammals, bacteria ... not employ pesticides of any kind and we are experimenting with crops and dairy substrates also to avoid treatments sulfur and copper. Enhancing biodiversity and pest treatments that avoid damage ecosystems and human health.


This is a project mainly aims to connect people with their immediate natural environment and enhance the appreciation and knowledge of this. We understand that in recent decades have given back to the heritage and natural resources, this means that the forests have become large powder magazines. We want to show that the Maresme many families could live guarding the territory maintaining the entire system agro-forestry assets and kept reducing the risk of fires, including creating firewalls and developing local products and quality. Apart from the agricultural sector, also committed to the development of the livestock sector, closely linked to the vineyard and forestry regarding biofuels and production of wood for barrels and corks for stoppers.